Before actual design of a building is begun, certain services like site evaluation and selection, master planning, zoning processing, and programming may be required. We are qualified to provide these and other pre-design services and can if desired. Many of our clients request Master Planning services.



Master Planning greatly benefits projects which involve multiple phases of construction. In Master Planning, we develop a comprehensive list of requirements for long-term site development, evaluate existing conditions at the site, and incorporate your project expectations into the overall building program. After careful analysis, we synthesize these evaluations and program requirements to develop a Master Plan for the entire project, which represents the locations of all major structures, vehicular/pedestrian circulation, and opportunities for future expansion. Environmental elements like open space, recreational elements, waterways, landscaping, and animal habitats will also be included. The Master Planning phase may also include renderings and models for fundraising and marketing efforts.


Basic Architectural services are those required for design, preparation of construction documents, and administration of the construction process. These are normally divided into the phases shown here, although all projects do not necessarily require all phases of the work. Our basic services normally include standard structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering consultation.



In the initial phase of Architectural Services, Schematic Design, we ascertain your expectations, visions, and other requirements of the project. We provide a preliminary evaluation of the program, schedule, and construction budget requirements. We prepare alternative approaches to the design and construction of the project for your review. With your approval, we prepare Schematic Design Documents consisting of drawings and other materials illustrating the scale and relationship of project components. We also submit a preliminary estimate of construction cost.



Based on approved Schematic Design documents, we will prepare Design Development documents consisting of drawings that describe the size and character of the project. Design Development documents define the size, materials, finishes, Architectural design, and Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical systems to be employed. We meet with government officials to verify code compliance and verify that the project meets agency requirements. Construction costs are revised as appropriate.



Construction Documents take the Design Development documents and advance them to detail the Construction requirements of the project, including Bidding and Construction contract forms. This phase also consists of filing documents with the governmental entities that have jurisdiction over the project. Construction costs are revisited to factor in changes in requirements or evolving market conditions.



Once approval of Construction Documents is complete, we assist clients in obtaining Bids and Proposals and awarding Construction contracts.



We represent our clients during Construction, periodically visiting the site to ensure work is being performed in accordance with the Construction Documents. Clients are given regular progress reports to guard against deficiencies in the work. We approve the Contractor’s periodic Applications for Payment based on our evaluation of the work completed. During Construction, we review Contractor’s Submittals, product literature, and samples for conformance with Construction Documents. We also prepare Change Orders and Construction Change Directives as needed. At the end of construction, we perform Inspections to ensure Final Completion of the project.